It’s Sloth Week! Time to turn our attention on these adorable, but threatened animals.

These cuties need our help, so spread this post to help raise awareness, and find out how you can become a guardian, adopting a three-toed sloth through the WWF.


IMPORTANT:  The illegal sloth pet trade is no laughing matter! Sloths do not make good pets and you should NOT consider bringing one home. The following videos are from the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, where they do amazing work to protect and rehabilitate sloths.

Oh, and Baby sloths can be highly addictive, so make sure you clear your schedule before you start watching these!

Sleepy Talking Sloth Can’t Stop Yawning

Adorable Baby Sloths


Potty Training

Bath Time for Baby Sloths


Tiny Baby Sloth Gets Onesie Treatment

Baby Sloths Learning to Climb


Baby Sloth Pyjama Party

Bucket of Sloths

The Sloths are Coming (trailer for “Too Cute! baby Sloths” documentary)