The wonders of modern technology allow people to spread messages to a wider audience than ever before. With a few clicks of the keyboard people everywhere can find out about breaking news, social issues and activism in action. Technology informs us and mobilizes us to effect change in ourselves and the world around us, which we think is pretty cool.

This also allows us to share pictures and videos of dogs and cats being hysterical. We think that’s pretty cool too!


Everyone can use a good laugh these days to lighten things up, and animals seem to be one of the more naturally mood lifting members of this planet. Clearly, Vine users agree as the site is absolutely filled with awesome six second clips of animals being, well, awesome. So because we love our Green Monsters and feel that a pick me up is always in order, we’ve taken the time to do the heavy lifting and compiled 15 hysterical vines featuring cats and dogs all in one convenient spot. Get ready to giggle!


Nothing to see here people, just a cat in its shark costume riding a Roomba. Carry on.


Apparently if this little guy could talk he’d sound a little like Matthew McConaughey.


Is it me you’re looking for?


You know twerking has gone mainstream when your pets are doing it.


He might not be a great candidate for covert ops any time soon.

Think Sean Bean does a good death scene? Check this out!


In this case, wouldn’t he be “Ridin’ Clean”?

There are no fresher rhymes than those laid down by MC Raspberry Fluff. He’s truly a master of hip hop.



You’d better watch out or I’m gonna open up a can of adorable on you!

That awkward moment when you become comatose whilst licking someone’s face.




Shakira might have some competition!



No, no, no tiny human. Like this!

It’s not me, it’s you.



His “meow”dichlorians are off the charts.

Whenever we’re having a bad day, we’re just gonna do this.