It’s hard to resist baby animals – they always look so cute, innocent, and cuddly. Yet, when we see them in the wild, we must hold back and let them be since human interference may disturb the delicate relationships they have with their environment and their family.

Yet, sometimes, these babies are separated from their families or even abandoned by them. Many of these animals often don’t survive without some assistance. It is at these times that we can step in and offer them a helping hand, because if we don’t, it’s doubtful that anyone else will.


Not too long ago, we fell in love with one of these wild animal rescues involving a baby squirrel named Zip, who was found in a bag of mulch. Now, we’re in love with yet another heartwarming rescue story – this time with a little squirrel named Apple Moonbeam.

He was found outdoors, abandoned and freezing, at just five weeks old. A man, known online as Nick Radford, became his rescuer, bringing him inside and doing his best to make him healthy again.

Discover Apple Moonbeam’s adorable rescue story below, courtesy of Radford’s photos from Imgur.

Radford first found five-week-old Apple Moonbeam curled up on the ground, trying to stay warm in the cold outdoor weather.


To transport him, Radford wrapped Apple Moonbeam up in all he had — the hood of his jacket. He then placed him safely in the cup holder of his car as he drove them both home.

Upon their arrival indoors, Radford set up a make-shift bed for Moonbeam in his bathroom sink with a heated pad beneath him to warm up his chilly little body.

After crawling around for a bit, Apple Moonbeam soon found his place inside the little straw cocoon — curled up and warm, finally.

When he awoke, Radford offered him some food…


…and he was pretty hungry, as you can imagine.

Once Apple Moonbeam was feeling a bit better, Radford introduced him to his new household companions, Scout and Maverick.


Naturally, they were curious about the little guy, but had no intentions of hurting him — they just sniffed him up and down a bit to get acquainted.

In no time, they adopted him…

…and Apple Moonbeam started to feel comfortable enough to show off his climbing skills.

As he got better at crawling, Scout and Maverick kept a kind, watchful eye over him.

Soon, his eyes fully opened and he discovered the wonders of the Internet! Ever since, Apple Moonbeam has been enjoying life in his new home with his adopted guardian and best friends. How wonderful!

All images: N1ckR4df0rd / Imgur