We don’t need to explain to you why so many different cultures embrace bread. We all know that bread is life and goes with pretty much any flavor combination!

We have gone through the Food Monster App to make a list of 15 vegan bread recipes that feature international flavor! If you end up using one of our recipes in your own cooking, make sure to snap a picture and use the #FoodMonsterApp on Instagram to be featured on our page! Grab your passport and a whisk, we’re taking you around the world with 15 vegan bread recipes.


1. Italy: Quick Rise Garlic Breads  Quick Rise Vegan Garlic Breads [Vegan]

These Quick Rise Garlic Breads are simple, chewy, and so flavorful! The best thing about this recipe is the rise time… it barely exists! So perfect for when you’re short on time. Now all you need is a big bowl of spaghetti like this Spaghetti Bolognese or your favorite red sauce!

2. Venezuela: Venezuelan Ham Bread Vegan Ham Bread

Look at how meaty and authentic this Venezuelan Ham Bread looks! Vegan ham goes inside of this moist, flaky bread, topped with sesame seeds to give it a nutty texture. Great for parties when you really want to “wow” your guests!

3. The United States: 8-Ingredient Fluffy Cornbread Vegan Soy-Free Nut-Free Oil-Free Fluffy Cornbread

Oh cornbread, are you sweet? Are you savory? Does it even matter? Try this 8-Ingredient Fluffy Cornbread and pair it with anything from your favorite vegan chili to some fruit with your breakfast!

4. Greece: Tsoureki: Greek Pumpkin Sweetbread Tsoureki: Vegan Greek Pumpkin Sweetbread sliced 2



Just look at the color on this Tsoureki: Greek Pumpkin Sweetbread! Greek sweetbreads are most often braided and have a moist, denser crumb than regular table bread as well as being just slightly sweet. This one is especially flavorful and amazing all on its own or slathered with your favorite jam.

5. India: Restaurant-Style Garlic Naan 

This Restaurant-Style Garlic Naan bread is gorgeous and delicious! This recipe shows you three ways to make naan — in the oven, on a skillet, or in a pressure cooker. The results are so good, you’ll think it really is from a restaurant.


6. Ethiopia: Injera: Ethiopian Sourdough Flatbread With Spiced Stew

This Ethiopian Sourdough Flatbread With Spiced Stew sets you up for a hearty and satisfying meal! This bread is spongy, soft, and replaces your plate and your utensils – easy cleanup!

7. Mexico: Conchas: Mexican Sweet BreadConchas: Mexican Sweet Bread

This Conchas: Mexican Sweet Bread recipe is so cute! The main roll has a texture and weight similar to that of brioche but it is slightly sweeter and the top layer is sugary, crumbly, and delicious.


8. Trinidad: Homemade Alloo Puri: Trinidadian Flat BreadHomemade Alloo Puri: Trinidadian Flat Bread

This Homemade Alloo Puri: Trinidadian Flat Bread is a thin, savory, crêpe-like flatbread that is essential for making roties. This island staple uses a delicate dough that is filled with savory mashed potatoes and then rolled out thin and grilled to make a dangerously addictive bread.

9. The Philippines: Pandesal: Filipino Breakfast Bread Pandesal

Bread for breakfast? Count us in. This Pandesal: Filipino Breakfast Bread is slightly sweet and incredibly addictive. Plus, this recipe makes a big batch so you can munch on them for a few days. Goes great with a latte!

10. Iran: Barbari: Persian Flatbread 

This Barbari: Persian Flatbread is the thickest and heartiest offering of the country’s many delightful flatbreads. The bread itself is fairly light and delicate and it is then topped with a bold dusting of various sesame seeds.

11. Sweden: Swedish Sesame Crispbread 

This Swedish Sesame Crispbread is a flat, cracker-like flatbread originating from Sweden, where it is has been a staple for centuries. Typically, it is made from rye but in this gluten-free recipe, it’s made from cornflour and sesame seeds. Pair it with your favorite nut butter!

12. Egypt: Sourdough Pita Bread

Did you know that pita bread actually originated from Ancient Egypt? This Sourdough Pita Bread has that tangy sourdough taste. This pairs perfectly with falafel, plant-based sabich, or it can be used to make sourdough pita pizzas.

13. Israel: Mediterranean Chickpea Bread Eat Chickpeas All Summer with These Creative and Easy Recipes!

This Mediterranean Chickpea Bread is super easy, versatile, inexpensive, and requires few ingredients. Based on the Sicilian panelle, variations can be found throughout the Mediterranean, from Morocco to Israel.


14. France: French Baguettes vegan baguette

These French Baguettes are based on the classic. Give this recipe a try to make the perfect French bread!

15. China: Easy Chinese Steamed Buns vegan easy Chinese steamed buns

These Easy Chinese Steamed Buns are super simple! They are so soft and fluffy because of the cooking methood!

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Lead image source: Restaurant-Style Garlic Naan